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And you’re not flying electric


You’re an enthusiast

Almost everyone who finds EV Hangar is an electric aviation enthusiast:

  • You’re considering electric flight and all that might entail.
  • Or you know you want to fly electric, but you haven’t yet.
  • You might have a plan how to fly electric–rent, buy, build–or maybe you’re not that far along yet.
  • If you aren’t a pilot yet, you’re probably hoping to train in an electric aircraft.


You might be an early adopter

If you rent, buy, or build an electric aircraft, you’ll be an early adopter. Will that happen for you?

You might be an innovator

Right now, innovators are developing electric aircraft, systems, and components that will transform sport aviation. If you’re an enthusiast with an idea, you can join the ranks and contribute.

You might be an entrepreneur

Electric aircraft and the infrastructure to support them won’t come about without entrepreneurs to develop electric aviation businesses. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or an innovator who needs to bring your ideas to market, you can help build this industry.

EV Hangar can help

EV Hangar is a unique and comprehensive resource that can keep you on the leading edge of the electric flight movement. Register now for full access.