EV Hangar Works: Charging Infrastructure

Updated by Bill Lofton 3/18/15

Courtesy of SAE, ABB, AAA

Why EV Hangar Works

EV Hangar Works conducts research and development to fill gaps in the current electric aviation supply pipeline and explore opportunities to use electric propulsion to transform sport flying.

Why Charging Infrastructure

The minimum infrastructure for charging an electric aircraft is a compatible charger plugged into a standard 120V, 15 A outlet. That will enable overnight charging in any hangar with an electrical outlet.

The next step up would be a more powerful charger that can utilize the power from a 240V, 30 A outlet. That will enable charging in several hours.

To enable rapid recharge of electric aircraft for quick turnaround at the home airport or away on a cross-country flight, we’ll need DC Fast Charge (DCFC) capability in the charging stations and aircraft.

Charging Infrastructure Development

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Project Plan with Status

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