What Members Are Saying


4/21/16: Bill Lofton

  • A two days trial member logged 3 hours 10 minutes on site. That says a lot!

4/14/16: anonymous

  • “Your ‘site’ information greatly reduces my machine, mind, and shop clutter — THANKS”

4/3/16: David Bettencourt, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • “Aloha: More info/tests on electric automobile systems. Great site. I don’t have the time or background to search on own, but every visit to EV Hangar directs me to the info I need. I would pay twice as much for this kind of no BS information. Keep it up Bill”

4/1/16: anonymous

  • “Electrical drive for aviation is augmented by the information applicable to related applications. Saves me much research and links to other sites is great !!”