How to Replicate EV Hangar

Updated 1/25/14

You don’t need full access to EV Hangar to get everything we have to offer. You can just repeat our steps:

  • Research manned electric flying online, following bread crumb trails from press releases and YouTube to start-up businesses and aviation/RC/EV forums to piece together information. Do this for every electric flying topic that catches your attention.
  • Contact manufacturers, vendors, and innovators to request information and ask for updates on their products and projects. Show them what you’ve learned about them and ask for feedback. Build relationships with them.
  • Research the technologies enabling manned electric aviation and build a body of knowledge of critical aspects of this next-generation propulsion for sport aircraft.
  • Identify gaps in the supply chains of electric aviation products and work to complete the lines so you can obtain what you need.
  • Contact manufacturers of candidate conversion aircraft and encourage them to offer electric propulsion. Suggest suitable electric propulsion systems and suppliers.
  • Document everything you learn so you can reference it later.

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