EVH Tech

Updated by Bill Lofton 1/27/17


EVH Tech is an electric aviation technical school

EVH Tech can increase the skills and knowledge of electric aviation technology for everyone interested.

EVH Tech mission:

  • Enable enthusiasts to learn about electric aviation technologies
  • Enable buyers to learn about electric aircraft, systems, and components
  • Enable builders to undertake their new builds and electric conversions with confidence

EVH Tech has 51 webpages that address a large range of electric aviation technologies. Although EVH Tech is very much a work in progress, this is the most comprehensive treatment of electric aviation technologies online or anywhere else.

EVH Tech curriculum with links


EVH Tech is growing

Typically, I develop EVH Tech training material in conjunction with R&D for EV Hangar Works projects and EVH Sourcebook additions and updates. If I’m thinking about it, it should go here.

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