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In 2009, Dale Kramer converted his Lazair to electric propulsion using radio control (RC) airplane components.

eLazair Background

The Lazair ultralight aircraft was developed by Dale Kramer and sold as a kit from 1979 to 1985. Dale made numerous improvements to the design and sold 1200 kits during those few years.

2007 photo of a Lazair Series III

Courtesy of Ahunt and Wikipedia Commons

eLazair Close-Up

The eLazair features two Turnigy CA120-70 electric motors, motor controllers, and batteries. The eLazair has a 240 lb empty weight without batteries. Each wing has holds up to three battery packs to power the motor mounted on that wing.

The battery packs each provide about 40 minutes endurance to the motor on their wing. Two battery packs–one per wing–adds a total of 36 lbs to the eLazair weight, so the one, two, or three packs per wing configurations add a total of 36, 72, or 108 lbs to the eLazair weight. (Dale subscribes to the equivalent volume interpretation of Part 103’s five gallon fuel allowance.)

Turnigy CA120-70 electric motors

Courtesy of Dale Kramer and RCgroups

Batteries and Turnigy motors

Courtesy of Dale Kramer and RCgroups

In 2011, Dale made his eLazair amphibious by upgrading motor power using Joby Motors JM1 electric motors and adding two sponsons and a Spalding monofloat with retractable main gear. The Joby motors run cooler and produce more power than the previous, smaller Turnigy motors. The upgraded batteries are LiNiMnCo 25 Ah battery pouches.

eLazair with Joby motors

Courtesy of Dale Kramer

eLazair Latest News

Dale provides a running account of his development of the eLazair starting in 2011 on an RCgroups.com forum. On the forum, Dale announced that he’s launching a business to manufacture eLazair kits and fully assembled eLazairs. elazair.com has only contact information so far. Dale and the eLazair were absent from AirVenture 2014.

eLazair Press, Other Info, and Videos

Lazair press and other info:

eLazair press and other info:

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Courtesy of Dale Kramer

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